We have been producing women’s underwear and swimwear for over 50 years.

The artisan imprint, the study of the female figure, the meticulous research of materials, the accuracy of the packaging and the perfect fit have always characterized our products which represent the best that can be found on the market. And this is why BIMEF has become one of the historic underwear brands in Italy.
Most of our items, in all samples, are available in B-C-D-E cups.
The models are young, classic, elegant, containing and always very feminine.

Our collections are divided into:

It can be requested at any time of the year.
In this collection there are numerous models of women’s underwear, from thong to classic garments, to containments with calibrated cups and a vast assortment of underwear for brides.

Our beachwear are young, classic and calibrated in the B-C-D-E cups.
Plain and printed fabrics, accessories and exclusive processes.