We are a firm dealing in the production and retail trade of women’s underwear and swimsuits.
We have been working in this sector for more than 50 years.
The craftsmanlike style, the study of the female figure, the meticulous selection of materials, the high-precision workmanship and the perfect wearability of the goods, have always characterized our products, which give us the possibility of offering very good quality.
And that's why BIMEF has become one of the historical brands of the Italian intimate.
Most of our items in the collections can be purchased in B-C-D-E cup.
Our items are youthful, classical, elegant and always very feminine.

Our collection is divided as following:

This is available all year round.
There is a wide variety of items in this collection, from thongs to classical items, from shape-enhancing items with different cups to a wide range of items designed especially for bridal lingerie.

Our swimsuits are youthful, classical and shape-enhancing.
They come both in plain colours and patterned, with exclusive designs and detailing.
We produce our swimsuits in B-C-D-E cup.


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